Self tapping screw

Self-tapping screws come with a sharp, piercing tip or a flat, blunt tip. The sharp-tipped screws are designed for drilling their own hole into softer materials such as wood and plastic so they don't need a pilot hole. To save time and labor, you can use self-drilling self-tapping screws to drill into metal.

Standard No: ASME B18.6.4 & SAE J81  DIN6928, DIN7971, DIN7972, DIN7973, DIN7976 ,DIN7981, DIN7982, DIN7983, DIN968  
Size: #4(2.8)-1/2" , Length: 10-180mm (3/8”- 7”)
Head type:  hex , flat, pan, truss, round, hex washer, Oval, pan framing, bugle, fillister,
Drive type: Phil, slotted, Phil & slotted combination, hex socket
Screw type: AB, B, BP, BF BT
Material: C1022+ heat treatment, SS304, SS316, SS410
Finish: zinc plated(clear/bule/yellow), black/grey phosphate, nickel, ruspert
Packing: bulk ,plain box, colour box, poly bag, PP box + wood Pallet